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More successful HPS projects throughout California:

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Cal Poly Central Plant Utilidor, San Luis Obispo, CA - General Contractor

This project is an $8.6 mil improvement project with California Polytechnic State University, located on the in the heart of the CSU San Luis Obispo campus. The intent of this project was to increase the cooling capacity of the existing central plant while providing new infrastructure for a new Center for Science building.

The improvements made to the existing Central Plant included the installation of chillers, cooling towers, various pumps and a 1.5M gallon Thermal Energy System Tank. Modifications to the electrical components were also made to the campus EMS system in order to accommodate the upgrades in the plant. With these upgrades Cal Poly plans to fulfill their heating and cooling needs throughout the campus and for future expansion.

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Southern Field Headquarters, Pearblossom O&M Center, CA - Subcontractror

Subcontracted to HPS by S. J. Amoroso, this project involves the construction of the Pearblossom O&M Center for the Southern Field Headquarters, State Water Facilities, California Aqueduct, Southern Field Division, LA County. HPS’ work consists of site fire and domestic water lines; packaged 3,000 gpm fire pump with enclosure; Denitrification system; storm drainage system and building plumbing. HPS’ contract is valued at $1,317,359. This project was completed in 2015.

Fresno Digester Gas Conditioning Project, Fresno, CA - Subcontractor

SCS Energy is the design-build contractor of this project for the City of Fresno, Wastewater Division. HPS is a subcontractor to SCS for the mechanical piping work. HPS' work involved the welding and fabrication of stainless and carbon steel piping; installation of all SCS-supplied valves and instrumentation devices; hook-up to various SCS-supplied equipment and construction of structural steel pipe supports. Contract value is $500,000.00.

Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area Water Treatment Plant Rehab, Phase I, Taft, CA – General Contractor

This project was contracted with the County of Kern with HPS as the general contractor. The work involves the installation of a new sewer lift station designed to replace an existing and adjacent old sewer lift station. HPS self-performed the majority of the work which included the installation of: a 20-ft deep wet well, a duplex sewage pumps, piping, valves and; grading. The electrical and perimeter fencing were subcontracted. Contract value is $211,257.00.

Mendota Federal Prison, Mendota, CA - Subcontractor

Subcontracted to HPS by Lewis C. Nelson and Sons, phase two of the Mendota Federal Prison facility consists of 15 new buildings. The total contract price of $8,470,875 includes site utilities, plumbing and hydronic piping. In addition to this federal prison facility HPS Mechanical has also completed several California Sate Department of Corrections facilities, including Wasco, Corcoran II and Delano II. Due to an increase in California’s prison population, HPS sees great potential for future growth in the Correctional System market in the coming years.

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Energy Center, Santa Barbara, CA - Subcontractor

This high profile project in the City of Santa Barbara called for a new $38 million Energy Center to replace the existing plant and support the expansion plans for Santa Barbara’s primary hospital services provider. As a subcontractor to McCarthy Building Companies, HPS Mechanical provided the entire domestic water piping, steam and condensate piping, fuel oil piping, medical gas piping, soft water piping, condenser piping and chilled water piping for this contract valued at $7,051,495.

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Independence High School, Bakersfield, CA - Prime Contractor

HPS Mechanical was the prime contractor for the $6,424,624 Site Utilities and Plumbing bid packages for this brand new $70 million high school; one of three new high schools constructed by the Kern High School District in the last four years. With a history of several successful school projects, HPS has the experience and bonding capacity to position itself as the front runner in the multiple prime bid package system for school construction. Over the years that HPS worked with the Kern High School District, it has attained a very good working relationship with the District. Colombo Construction of Bakersfield served as construction manager.

Third Education Center, Phase 4 & 7, Clovis, CA - Prime Contractor

Considered to be the largest school construction project in the state in 2005, this brand new $120 million, 530,000 sq. ft. high school was a multiple prime bid package. HPS Mechanical was the prime contractor for two phases of construction: Phase 4, consisting of plumbing for the Administration Building and Laboratory Classrooms, and Phase 7, plumbing for the Gymnasium and Support Facility. Combined contract amount was $2,909,895 with Harris Construction acting as construction manager. For its part in the successful completion of this project HPS received an appreciation award from the Clovis Unified School District.

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Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant

In Oxnard, California, HPS Mechanical has worked on an addition to the existing City of Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant that treats sewage before it is pumped out into the ocean. Several combined sewers increase the amount of effluent during rains. The plant uses chlorination during three steps of its process:

To reduce odor in the trunk line feeding the plant, chlorine is injected into the line at various points outside the plant. This chlorine comes from inside the plant.

As it works its way through the plant the effluent is treated with additional chlorine whenever its residual chlorine content gets too low.

As the water completes its cleaning it is treated with a final dosage of chlorine. When the effluent is ready to leave the plant it is treated with sulfur dioxide to remove the chlorine from the water before being pumped into the ocean.

The City has always used tanks of chlorine gas and sulfur dioxide gas in its processes. Both of these gases are extremely toxic. The city has decided that they would prefer to store the active ingredients in stable, solid solutions and keep fewer tanks of gas for backup purposes only.

This project was to replace the existing gas cylinders with tanks that can store the chorine as Sodium Hypochlorite and the sulfur dioxide as Sodium Bisulfite. This made the plant much safer and reduced the potential liability to the surrounding community. Additionally, HPS upgraded the scrubber. The scrubber is a piece of equipment that can make the chlorine gas non-toxic in case a leak occurs at a chlorine cylinder. Even small amounts of chlorine gas can be lethal, and a plant this size uses chlorine by the tons.

Replace Steam Distribution Lines Phase I at Marine Corps Recruit Depot - General Contractor

Installing steam lines under existing streets on a military base where recruits marched daily presented unique challenges to HPS project planners. The construction had to be coordinated with base operations so that training could continue uninterrupted. Other concerns for base operations were how the HPS jobsite would aesthetically fit in with the base’s image, which is as clean and neat as Disneyland before it opens, and how HPS crews could potentially affect the morale of new recruits. These were not difficult goals to achieve since HPS crews are always professional and neat and equipment is kept clean, painted and maintained. Everything about the HPS operation blended nicely into the overall picture. In addition, the site was maintained to project an image of modernization rather than of a base in need of repair. By listening closely during partnering meetings HPS was able to tailor our operation to exceed the client’s requirements.

Utility Duct Bank at Lindbergh Field - General Contractor

This project was another logistical challenge successfully met by HPS. The difficult task here was to install underground heating and chilling lines in a busy airport. These lines ran through existing parking lots, around terminals currently in use, and in tarmac areas where planes taxied or parked daily. Some areas needed to be open during the day so planes could take off and land, other areas needed to be opened during the night so that planes could park. Passenger areas needed to be operational at all times with minimal disturbance during peak hours. In addition, this project was undertaken with a very compressed time frame; as one of several projects in a critical path leading up to August 1996 and the Republican Convention, any changes which arose could not affect the completion date. Once again, by participating fully in partnering sessions, HPS was able to thoroughly understand the needs and phasing requirements of the owners and put in place systems to expedite changes and unforeseen conditions, As the project progressed HPS was able to preemptively identify and resolve areas of impact that had not been anticipated by the owners. Even though changes were generated in excess of $200,000, the original target completion date was made.

Lake Isabella Community Water Project - General Contractor

Tying three small water companies together into one system without disrupting service to any customers was a tall order to begin with. Adding to the complexity were a 120 day construction schedule, plus state and federal water quality requirements. Not surprisingly, all of the bids for the project came in over the funding available. As the low bidder, HPS was able to meet with the engineer and suggest cost savings to keep the project within budget while maintaining the original intent of the design. All work was done in existing streets and alleys and the project was completed on time and within budget. Total contract was $1,050,000 including subcontracting of electrical, asphalt paving, and steel tank construction.

4950 Test Wing Relocation - Subcontractor

Edwards Air Force Base is one of the busiest in the country, and because of a previous contractor’s problems making a similar system operational, they were understandably concerned about this project. HPS’s job as a subcontractor to Hensel Phelps was to install an 8” stainless steel jet fuel line double containment pipe system in the existing runway. The new line tied into existing fuel lines and HPS had to keep hangers accessible, have fuel available to filling pits and keep the runway clean for 24-hour use. In the middle of the project HPS made an extra effort to keep the construction area clean for the base’s annual air show. The total subcontract was $3,300,000 and HPS had no subcontractors on this project.

P-853 Water Distribution Improvement at Camp Pendleton - General Contractor

There were two key design concerns on this $920,000 project at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton; a 520’ x 36” bore under Interstate 5 and railroad lines and two miles of pipe in a highly traveled street on the base. HPS redesigned the project with a value engineering proposal which added street bores but moved the pipeline out of the street. This gave the base the same end product for the same cost. The bore costs offset the savings on paving but eliminated the inconvenience of construction in a busy road. This also limited the potential for accidents, as no open trenches were in the roadway. HPS subcontracted the boring and monitored it closely to insure that no problems developed.

County of Kern Juvenile Hall Re-Pipe - General Contractor

During this $1,030,000 re-pipe of the local juvenile facility security was a primary concern of the owner. To satisfy those concerns tool trailers were installed on the roof with no access available from inside the compound. Work crews remained on the roof the entire shift, keeping tools and materials away from the inmates. Phasing on this project was critical as a certain number of beds were required to be available at all times. While piping was being done in one wing, all other wings had to remain completely operational. HPS made design and phasing changes to meet these needs. Subcontractors were utilized for all electrical, insulation, tile and wall patching.

Repair JP-4 Line

HPS was a subcontractor to R.J. Lanthier on this project. HPS's contract was for $170,000, with the overall project being $240,000. In making the repairs indicated in the plans, HPS discovered more leaks. HPS helped the Corps determine the scope of the problem, which the Corps is now resolving with the appropriate parties from the original contract.

Kern County Medical Center Kitchen Mechanical Piping

HPS was the general contractor on this additional piping done in the middle of the existing hospital. HPS had to rent a chiller to keep all lines operational until all the new connections were made. HPS determined that the point of connection as designed would not work, and located a point that would. HPS was able to work with the owner to make this critical path change without delaying the project. This is a $56,000 contract.

Sorrento Valley Trunk Sewer and Pump Station 89

The project is located in two main areas. Segments 1, 2, & 6 are located on Sorrento Valley Road between Carmel Mountain Road and Sorrento Valley Blvd. Segment 3, 4, 5, & Pump Station 89 are located on Roselle St. between Sorrento Valley Blvd. and Estuary Way. Work on this project includes the construction of an underground Pump Station & Emergency Storage Reservoir. Work in Segments 1 through 6 involves installation of approximately 8,670 feet of 8” to 24” sewer lines.

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), Orange County

HPS has been subcontracted by Clark Construction Group to provide the plumbing and site utilities for the construction of ARTIC. Located in orange county, this facility will consist of a 68,000 SF steel framed tubular structure. The constructing of a parking area for 1,000 vehicles, a railroad bridge, baggage and pedestrian tunnels, two sided rail station platform, and pedestrian concourse bridge from the terminal to the rail platforms. There will also be infrastructure improvements to local utilities and roadways. The ARTIC project is designed to earn LEED Platinum certification. HPS' Contract Value is $5,524,762.

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Division 13 Bus Maintenance & Operations Facility, Los Angeles – Subcontractor

HPS is subcontracted by McCarthy Building Companies to provide the underground utilities for the Division 13 Bus Maintenance & Operations Facility. Located in downtown Los Angeles, this project began construction in October 2012 and was completed in 2016. The facility consists of a multi-level parking garage, a maintenance building, bus fueling, bus washing, chassis wash and non-revenue vehicle washing, non-revenue vehicle fueling and maintenance and transportation offices and support areas. The delivery method is Design-Bid-Build. This project is designed to meet LEED Gold certification standards. HPS’ contract value is $3,300,000.

UCSD Jacobs CUP Plumbing

The U.S. Green Building Council has certified the new Central Plant at UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center as a LEED Gold building, the first stand-alone medical center energy plant to achieve this distinction.
The LEED Gold certification is recognized as the premier mark of achievement in sustainable construction.
The 40,000-square-foot plant was built by Kitchell and designed by CannonDesign with consulting firm EXP; environmental services were provided by Ecotype Consulting. The facility will ultimately support 900,000 square feet of hospital space with the capacity to serve 1 million square feet of future expansion.
The central utilities plant provides electricity, back-up electricity, steam, hot water and chilled water to Thornton Hospital and the new Jacobs Medical Center.
The two-story building includes:
· three 1,300-ton chillers that will generate enough chilled water to fill 10 Olympic-size swimming pools each day;
· three 3,900-gallon-per-minute cooling towers;
· three 21,000-lb./hr. steam boilers capable of creating steam to heat 1,000 homes daily;
· four 2.5-megawatt emergency generators that can generate enough electricity to power 10,000 homes;
· two 30,000-gallon underground fuel tanks;
· 1 million pounds (500 tons) of structural steel, equivalent to 416 automobiles;
· 3,000 square feet of underground utility tunnel for mechanical utility routing; and,
· 9,000 cubic yards of concrete, enough to cover six football fields with a 1-foot layer of concrete.
“UC San Diego is very responsible,” said Dee Davis, consultant and project manager for UC San Diego. “We realize we are in a drought. We want to build better and greener. Achieving LEED Gold validates these efforts and we are thrilled.”
The scorecard released by the U.S. Green Building Council identified the following areas where the plant met or exceeded criteria to achieve Gold status with a total of 60 points: sustainable sites (23 of 26); water efficiency (7 of 10); energy and atmosphere (4 of 35); material and resources (7 of 14); indoor environmental quality (10 of 15); innovation (5 of 6); regional priority credits (4 of 4).

Source: San Diego Daily Transcript

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